Every day is a good day when it starts with a latte

Saturday started with a latte, a good morning kiss. The next thing I knew, we were off to the Eastern Townships for a romantic getaway in celebration of our three-year anniversary.

We reserved a room at l’Auberge aux 4 saisons which offers a fabulous view on the Orford mountain. Although the scenery might have been more charming if covered in snow, it felt like the perfect escape from the little concrete jungle.

A 10 minute drive into Magog, and we stumbled upon Boulangerie Owl’s Bread, offering a perfect lookout to Lake Memphremagog’s marina.

Owned by Frenchman Denis Mareuge and his wife Agnes Castillou, Owl’s Bread combines its owners’ passion for the right ingredients and good food. Artisanal breads, high quality pastries, and local delicacies are put forth in a menu that is tantalizing to say the least. Eastern Townships style Panini is a MUST: smoked Brome Lake duck breast, a mix of St Benoit Abbey blue cheese and cream,  swiss cheese,  walnuts, and a touch of maple syrup, on a baguette styled bread. Accompanied by a glass of fume blanches, the only thing that could make this meal even better were the few rays of sunshine piercing the clouded grey sky.

Our day drew to end at the Balnea spa, to bask in the serenity and magic of mother nature….

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