Who would’ve thought…

Just so you can understand my recent despair, I broke my camera. The lack of inspiration, originating from a “Why the F%@k would someone throw their bag (with their camera inside) over a fence?!?”, has resulted in a lack of posts… I do apologize.

To break the ice, here is a light-hearted and very visual post. Hope you will enjoy!

Ever since I began my adventure away from home, I’ve made it a weekly activity to roam around in various food markets. I’ve come to two conclusions:

1- Even though they are constantly over-crowded and always überlively, a visit through the market will allow you to strip a town down to it’s core, and really see it for who it is.

2- You always discover something new and exciting!

The following is a gathering of  “local market food” I’ve grown very fond of .

Oysters- Because you can chuck'em right then & there


Chocolate décolté

Iberic Madness

Seasonal veggies

Atlantic Mackerel

Sea Urchin

Just because it looks pretty! 🙂

1 Comment

  1. kaelo says:

    jejejjejee i like your post and make me laugh cause of the camera….sorry about that but you are right…..when you discovered something new and exiting……we should go to the boqueria =)

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